We are our dreams...

"We are our dreams", someone said that to me 25 years ago....

As the years passed, and I grew older, I understood how true that phrase is.

Today I was once again reminded of that by the life of two of my favorite women in the whole wide world; my wife Mary, and my sister Mona.

Today, my sister got her results from college, and she is now one year away from graduating. This was a dream she put off for 25 years, and finally is about to see it come to reality. 

Today, FaceBook reminded Mary that she started graduate school (Master of Social Work), another great woman with great dream that eluded her for decades, but never gave up on it; She graduated couple of years ago with honors. She went further and obtained an advanced degree in Adduction Treatment.

I could not be more proud to be called Mary's Husband and Mona's brother, two great dreamers.


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