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Well, I made it to

We are waiting

We are waiting for the 15th to see if we got pregnant or not. I sure hope we are. Say a prayer...

The Gym is ON

Today was a good day, I went to the Gym, and Boy does it feel good? I took off work early (12 noon), headed to Barnes & Noble , grabbed Triple Grande Latte from Star Bucks , plugged my laptop, and started Reading/Writing on "Exercise & the Brain". believe me its not all that boring... 6 hours later I am all wiped out. Salam

The National Day of distractions

The National Day of distractions Oh boy... Was today a distracting day or what? Well, the day is still on. Lets hope things fall in place by the end of it.

I am back

Well it has been so long since I last blogged. Thngs have been too busy for me to stop, think, take a deep breath and smell a rose or even realise that I am wearing a cologne. Any way, I am back, and hopefully this time for real.