Day #2 (Nov 10), Dubai & Fujairah Excursion

Well, Day 2 was equally packed...
Visited a friend of Mary and I, Maya, at her Art Studio (set up at a popup gallery), then I went to see Kat our Brit friend, her sister Marg, her Indian Hubby, and their adorable baby Hazel...Had tons of fun, but had to rush after that to Fujairah to visit my brother Moaty and his family.

Here are some of the moments captured in photos (any photo that looks remotely good is taken by Mohamed)...

Finally downloaded some of the Day 2 photos...

The Courtyard in Dubai. This is where our friend, Maya, has her Gallery

The Starbucks at Uptown Mirdiff, Dubai, round the corner from Kat's building

Uptown Mirdiff again... one of the few outdoor style plazas
Thanks to my brother Moaty for taking some pictures of our visit...

My sister-in-law Hanan

my nephew Ahmad hooked on the xbox...Thanks to uncle Majdi

Don't worry I am not eating it all

My niece Haneen

eating away

Hanan never eats

Ahmad = trouble :)

Yes I am almost bald ;)


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