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Architecture as I see it

I have come to understand and appreciate that which is most needed, yet often missing, in those who practice the profession of technology architecture.  Whether the architect is responsible for infrastructure, software or the enterprise itself, there are certain key things beyond the technology that they should be paying closer attention to.  They should observe not only what people do (business activities), but also why they do it (work culture, business climate, organizational dynamics), how they do it (existing systems, business processes, workflows, manual tasks), and where they do it (local vs. global, factory floor vs. desk vs. out and about, tech savvy vs. more primitive locations).  They have to have the wisdom and discipline to see that this is not just a backlog of issues to solve and features to implement. It is a living, organic being that has evolved into what it is, reaching the state it is currently in.  The question they do need to answer is this: How do I process the s