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Content, yet Striving

“Can I be filled with calm sense of content, yet strive to achieve?” I asked. to be continued...

Simplicity... is it that Simple?

"Simplicity is the Most Profound"... I have no idea where did I read this line, nor how did it creep into my consciousness, but I found myself using it in a corporate meeting the other day. In the daily grind of my work I come across many instances where being able to state something simply , is a task of great complexity (...mmmm, that's a bit of an oxymoron, or is it?) . To be able to simplify a concept in terms of expressing it without compromising its integrity, nor sacrificing the extent of its depth can be tricky at times. Actually you may land up complicating matters in the process of simplifying them. Take my line of work as an examples; I am a Solution Architect working for an IT organization. In my day-to-day interactions I am always trying to simplify concepts, break them down into smaller, more pliable pieces that everyone can digest. Here is the irony, this is not a simple activity. First of all I have to size up my audience, figure out their composition (Ex